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Chojun Miyagi
Chojun Miyagi

Chojun Miyagi was born in 1888 and started Karate at age 9 under Ryuko Aragaki, who introduced him at 14 to Kanryo Higashionna. In 1915 he travelled to China where he studied Pa Kua and Shaolin combining these into his style which in 1929 was named Goju Ryu.

Meitoku Yagi
Meitoku Yagi

Meitoku Yagi was born in 1912 and started Karate at the age of 14 training under Miyagi Sensei. Miyagi Sensei was impressed with his dedication and taught him all of the Goju Kata. After Miyagi Sensei's death he started his own school and called it Goju Ryu Meibukan.

Heiji Tada
Kancho Heiji Tada

Born in 1925 Kancho (Grandmaster) trained in his early years under Sensei Gogen Yamaguchi, eventually meeting and training under Sensei Meitoku Yagi. Kancho was the founder of Seishikan and until his death was our leader

Shohei Tada
Kancho Shohei Tada

Following the death of his brother, Kancho Shohei Tada assumed control of Seishikan Japan, and under his tutelage and guidance will continue to grow our style of Karate.

Phil Bates
Shihan Phil Bates

Born in 1949 Shihan(Master) Phil Bates is the Head Instructor of Seishikan Australiaoriginally starting Karate in 1967 after seein a small man defend himself from a much bigger man upon asking the man where did he learn that, he was told he trained with a man called Moss Hollis. Shihan Phil trained with Sensei Moss for a number of years, one day a friend of his, John Plant told him about a club with a Japanese Sensei, Masao Tada with pressure from John he went and was hooked. The dojo was in Kento Town eventually moving to Gunson Street in Adelaide


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