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Beginners are welcome at any time. We train from 7.30 to 9.00 on Tuesdays at Lake Windemere Primary School, first 4 sessions finish at around 8.10 after that you then train for the full session. You must be at least 8 years of age (no exceptions) We teach real Karate not kiddies Karate and as such is not suitable for under 8 year olds.

Come early so we can sign you up. Training costs $50  for the beginners course, no money no train, we don't do free lessons. Leave your jewellry home, bring water wear loose fitting clothes and because we train barefoot please have clean feet. We train throughout the year with the exception of public holidays and Christmas

If you have any medical issues let the instructor know, this is so we can manage the situation, not to exempt you from training, if you have any serious conditions it might pay to get your Doctors advice.

Gradings are held twice a year around June and December. they are held under the direction of Shihan Phil Bates 7th Dan, who comes up for the gradings. All Black Belts are issued from Japan 


As part of the SA Government initiative to encourage more people to enter sports they have created a Sports Voucher program, whereby if your are a young person you can get a voucher for $100 for training.


Just click on the link to download a Sports Voucher Form


Beginners kicking
Beginners punching


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